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Mike Hogan - Carnival PaintingHi, this is Mike Hogan, owner of First Call Restoration. I’d like to tell you a little bit about my family business. Over twenty years ago I started a carpet cleaning business out of the back of my Subaru. Not a fancy start, but I did a great job and got referral after referral from my clients. Although I worked long hours I made time to take classes in advanced carpet cleaning. I know it probably sounds odd, advanced classes, but there’s actually a lot to learn about. From different fiber types to chemical reactions. My mind set has always been to learn the most I can to deliver a service like no other. I wanted to be the consultant to solve any problem a client had with carpet and/or upholstery. I found the secret, never stop learning.

My son Michael started helping his dad with loading up the car with equipment. Then he started coming out on jobs and working the carpet cleaning wand. One day he asked if he could take a class and be certified too. As Michael, my wife Janice and I began building our business, Michael began cleaning carpets full time with our new truck mounted system. Boy, I loved that truck mounted system, it was more forgiving to my aging body. Eventually Michael became a lead technician as we hired, trained great guys and purchased more vans. That meant dad was able to get off the truck and develop the business into a company.

One day my wife and I were at a carpet cleaning conference as we did annually. We’d meet up with friends from all over the U.S. One evening after the conference we were sitting in the lobby speaking with other cleaners. Of course the conversations are about business and exchanging of ideas. In walks Gary and his wife Anna. His first words were, “Mike I’ve got to tell you what we’ve been up to.” Gary and Anna started doing water damage work. They were excited and convincing. We returned to New York and signed up for classes.

We got started doing water jobs and along the way added fire/smoke, sewage clean-up and crime/death scene clean-up. From there we expanded into remediation. I always found microbial growth interesting, so I decided if we were going to be the best, I had to be the best. I became a Council Certified Mold Hygienist. Again I’ve become a leading consultant in the Hudson Valley now in mold. Of course our staff is New York State Licensed in Mold as well.

We have an outstanding reputation in remediation.

Our reputation has made my family and I very proud. There is no better validation of hours of education and hard work. Our goal from the beginning has always been to deliver outstanding customer service while providing skilled quality work. It’s not enough to be good, we strive to be the best.

Family businesses can get lost in the shuffle of franchises and big box stores. It’s family business that makes people the priority. We delivers quality work, accountability, professionalism and most important compassion. Our family business community has a goal to grow as a company and reach our individual dreams with each others help. It’s to make a difference in the lives of those that suddenly encounter an overwhelming disaster. We do this by honoring our Mission...To take an overwhelming event and turn it into a positive experience with knowledge, professionalism and compassion.

Thanks for taking a moment to read my story. The journey continues.

Meet our Lead Technicians

A little bit about our outstanding Lead Technicians that run our crews...

Michael (our son) is our senior technician. He’s married to our wonderful daughter-in-law, Kristin. Michael loves working around his home, especially their 6 acres. Kristin enjoys her flowers and garden they built last year. Michael has always had a passion for motor cycles. A few years ago he built a vintage motorcycle that won several awards. They both love riding and the freedom it gives them

Mark has two daughters and a son. He’s a dedicated dad and is involved in all they do. We all know that being a great dad or mom is like having another full time job. He’s engaged to a wonderful, beautiful woman who also excels in business. Marks relaxation, gardening! I’m waiting for some summer time tomatoes!

Nick is our skate boarding enthusiast. He’s glad he spends his free time at the skate boarding park, that’s how he met an amazing woman that shares the same passion. Nick and Michael were actually friends before Nick came to work for us. Nick loves riding and working on motor cycles too. Nick was a witness at Michael and Kristin’s wedding and drove Kristin to the ceremony in a vintage pickup truck (their wedding was at a farm). Nick enjoys hiking, but I don’t think as much as skate boarding.

They are the back bone of our company. They all make great leaders and always have such creative ideas on how to meet a challenge.

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Chefalo Carpentry and Construction

Owner: Evan Chefalo
Phone Number: 845-453-7099

One call does it all. First Call proudly has partnered with Chefalo Carpentry to do any putback or remodeling you need. Whether that be painting, electric, plumbing, or roofing. They will also work with your insurance company! Contact Evan Chefalo today at 845-453-7099.