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Ice Dams and Mold: The Facts!

Ice Dams and Mold: The Facts!: During the winter months, snow can accumulate on your roof and could lead to ice damming issues. The core problem with ice dams is they can lead to mold concerns. This article explains what causes ice dams, the potential mold concerns it causes, and how to prevent ice dams. Learn more!

Ice Dams and Mold: The Facts!

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To date, we have written extensively about mold and mold prevention:

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Tips To Prevent Mold and Water Damage While On Vacation!

Be sure that you implement these 3 tips to avoid a flooded home. One tip in particular could prevent thousands of dollars in damage, and it only takes 5 minutes. It is so simple, yet many home owners forget to do this.

Going On Vacation? These 4 Tips Will Help You Prevent Water Damage and Mold Growth!

First Call Restoration specializes in mold removal and water damage restoration. For more than two decades, we have been serving consumers …

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Winter Mold Prevention Tips!

Winter Mold Prevention Tips!: As the temperature gets colder, we all tend to stay indoors more. To ensure that you stay healthy, please pay attention to the quality of the air you breathe. Mold is not just a concern in the summer when heat and humidity are at their peak. The main purpose of this article is to list and explain 7 key mold facts and provide you with 25 tips to prevent mold in your home during the winter!

Top 25 Winter Mold Prevention Tips!

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As the temperature gets colder, we all …

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