DIY Mold Removal Challenges!

DIY Mold Removal Challenges!

It is certainly tempting to grab an all-purpose cleaner and a roll of paper towels when you spot mold in your home or office. You must resist this temptation! Skip the DIY cleaning attempt and lean on the experts for a thorough and safe mold removal. Here’s why.

What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?

1 Out Of 4 People Have A Genetic Predisposition to Mold Illness!

One of the questions we are often asked is why do some people get sick from mold and other’s do not? The answer is based on genes. Did you know that 25% of people are genetically pre-disposed to mold illness? This article explains why, citing scientific research, including a list of 37 symptoms!

Water Damage and Mold!

Water Damage and Mold

Don’t Take A Chance – Here Are 9 Reasons You Should Always Use A Professional To Clean Up Water Damage and Mold!   During this time of year, we get lots of calls for water damage because of frozen pipes. One of the key ways to avoid frozen pipes is to add extra insulation. First […]

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