What is Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome?

1 Out Of 4 People Have A Genetic Predisposition to Mold Illness!

One of the questions we are often asked is why do some people get sick from mold and other’s do not? The answer is based on genes. Did you know that 25% of people are genetically pre-disposed to mold illness? This article explains why, citing scientific research, including a list of 37 symptoms!

Is Chronic Fatigue A Symptom Of Toxic Mold?

Is Chronic Fatigue A Symptom Of Toxic Mold? - If you live in the Southeast New York area and have been recently been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), please call First Call Restoration, (845) 442-6714, because you may have mold. Scientific research suggests a relationship between mold, mycotoxins and CFS. Learn more!

Mold As A Possible Cause Of CFS! Many people are aware that water damage in buildings leads to a variety of bad outcomes. Water-impacted building materials and contents provide an environment where a variety of organisms can flourish. Bacteria, fungus, and even viruses can not only survive but reproduce on damp or wet materials. Obviously, […]

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