Frozen Hot Water Pipe in Kitchen Causing Chaos in Putnam County Home

hidden water damage under floor in putnam county home

At First Call Restoration LLC, we recently encountered a challenging project in Putnam County, where a residential homeowner faced extensive water damage and mold growth due to a frozen hot water pipe in their kitchen. The Problem Unveiled Upon visiting the house, our team discovered the consequences of a significant leak that had gone unnoticed […]

Addressing Ceiling Leak Issues In an Arlington, NY Home

ceiling water damage case study

Job Type: Water Damage Restoration Client: Apartment Unit Location: Arlington, NY Rooms Affected: Bathroom and Hallway Closet Project Overview At First Call Restoration, we recently undertook a challenging water damage restoration Arlington, NY project. Our client faced a sudden and unexpected water emergency when a pipe burst in the ceiling of their apartment unit. The […]

First Call Restoration: A Case Study on Water Affected Basement Restoration in Arlington, NY

water damage in basement

Introduction At First Call Restoration, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch water damage restoration services in Arlington, NY. We recently had the opportunity to assist a homeowner in Arlington, NY, who experienced a significant water damage issue in their basement due to a washing machine malfunction. This case study outlines our approach to resolving this challenging […]

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