Removing Mold Contamination from a Bearsville Home

mold removal job in bearsville ny

At First Call Restoration, we take pride in restoring peace of mind to homeowners facing mold infestation. Recently, we were contacted by a residential homeowner in Bearsville, NY, troubled by mold growth in their bedroom and bathroom. Understanding the urgency of the situation, we quickly mobilized our team to address the issue. The Challenge: Multi-Level […]

Mold Was Hiding in Multiple Rooms of This Home: Here’s How We Found It

mold removal Hyde Park

Job Type: Mold Removal Client: Residential Trailer Home Owner Location: Hyde Park, NY Rooms Affected: Kitchen, Dining Room Materials Affected: Drywall, Vinyl Flooring, Carpet, Sub Floor, Cabinets, Baseboards, Insulation We recently tackled a challenging mold removal Hyde Park, NY project for a residential trailer homeowner. Our job was clear-cut: address and eradicate the mold issue […]

Kingston Home With Severe Damage Due To Water & Mold

water damage and mold removal

Excess moisture, leaks, and flooding are just some of the most common causes of water damage in homes. However, there are several different types of intrusions that can occur. Regardless of whether the water damage event started out small or large, it can end up as one big problem if it goes unchecked. It can […]

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