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Ten Things You Should Know About Mold!

Mold Facts!: Over the years, we have encountered many questions about mold. Inside this article you will learn about 10 key facts about mold. Please pay particular attention to facts number 2, 4, 8, and 10. Learn more!

Ten Facts About Mold You Should Know! Earlier this month, we shared a newsletter that provided you with three key tips to prevent mold. Keeping Humidity Down, especially in high humidity areas like basements and bathrooms will drastically help alleviate chances of mold growth. Purchasing a dehumidifier for basements or an air conditioner for bedrooms […]

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What Happens During A Professional Mold Inspection?

Mold Inspection: The Facts: What happens during a mold inspection? In this article, we list the 4 actions that professional mold inspectors take when they visit your home or business. In addition, we list the top 15 questions that you will be asked by the inspector. Getting answers to these questions is critical in ensuring that the mold problem is dealt with effectively.

These are the top 15 questions your mold assessor should ask! Getting answers to these questions is critical.

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Ice Dams and Mold!

Ice Dams and Mold - The Facts! - During the winter months, snow can accumulate on your roof and could lead to ice damming issues. The core problem with ice dams is they can lead to mold concerns. This article explains what causes ice dams, the potential mold concerns it causes, and how to prevent ice dams. Learn more!

The core problem with ice dams is they can lead to mold concerns.

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