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Water Damage Repair Cost Information

water damage company

For many people, the cost of paying for a professional water damage restoration is one of the most stressful parts of dealing with a disaster. It’s typically unexpected, and most homeowners are unsure of just how much the Water Damage Repair Cost will be. Even with insurance, they may have to pay a significant amount of money.

The fact is that it could cost thousands of dollars to get the home back to its pre-loss condition if the damage is severe. That’s not all. There are many factors that impact the overall cost of hiring a water damage company for a restoration. Homeowners who are interested in learning more about how much they could pay for a water damage emergency should keep reading this helpful price guide.

The Average Water Damage Repair Cost

In order to understand how pricing works with a water damage company, it’s important to know what the services include. Most contractors break the costs down into two separate categories. 

The first part of the restoration is the water extraction and cleaning. This process can take a few hours to several days, and the extent of the damage can impact how much work will need to be done. 

The second part of the restoration costs comes from the actual repairs. This includes installing new floors, ceilings, walls, and roofing materials. Again, the extent and location of the damage will greatly impact the amount of work that the contractors will have to do. 

With all of that being said, the national average for a professional water damage restoration is about $3,250. In cases where the water damage wasn’t too severe, homeowners may be able to get away with paying only a few hundred dollars for the repairs. On the other hand, severe cases could cost a homeowner upwards of $20,000.

Factors That Impact the Cost of a Water Damage Company’s Restoration

Since there is such a broad range in pricing, homeowners need to know what specific factors will influence the quote the most. While it’s ultimately up to each water damage company, there are several things that can increase the cost of a professional restoration. 

The Category of Water

When a water damage company comes to a damaged property for an assessment, one of the first things they will note is the source and classification of the water. When they classify water, they determine how dirty the water is. It typically comes in three categories:

  • Category 1: This is the cleanest type of water, and it is free of biohazardous materials, chemicals, and other contaminants. It typically comes from sources like water pipes, faucets, and water heaters.
  • Category 2: This can also be called gray water. It’s slightly more expensive to clean because it contains some contaminants like cleaning products, detergents, and food.
  • Category 3: The most difficult water to clean up is black water, so it is also the most expensive. This category has dangerous contaminants, such as hazardous chemicals and fecal matter.

The Extent of Damage

The quote a homeowner receives also depends on how much damage was done because it impacts how much work it will take to restore the property. Most companies will classify the extent as class 1-4. Class 1 is the least expensive and usually only involves part of a room. Class 4 is much more expensive because it impacts a large area and major structural elements.  

The Area Affected 

The total cost of a water damage restoration also depends on where the damage took place. For example, water damage on the floor is usually less expensive than water damage on the ceiling. If the job involves a roof or foundation repair, that will also increase the final cost. One of the most expensive rooms to fix is a basement with several feet of sewage waste from a backup.  

Other Related Costs and Services

Finally, homeowners must consider other related services that come with a restoration. In some cases where water damage was hidden or not addressed right away, mold removal or remediation may be necessary. A sump pump installation or plumbing repairs can also increase costs. 

Request a Quote for a Restoration from a Water Damage Company

To find out more about how much a specific job will cost, homeowners should reach out to a local water damage company. Fortunately, the experts of First Call Restoration are here to help. Customers can request a free quote by submitting their online form, or they can call their 24/7 emergency line to request immediate assistance.  

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