signs your sump pump is failing

4 Signs Your Sump Pump Is Failing

Common Signs About Your Sump Pump Is Failing

Sump pumps are essential to keep your property dry and free from water damage. However, they can also fail without warning, primarily due to a faulty electrical system or power outages. If you’re worried that this may be the case with your sump pump, there are a few signs to keep in mind. 

This blog post outlines four common signs your sump pump is failing and what you can do to fix these problems. Read on. 

Incessant Cycling On and Off

Have you noticed your sump pump constantly cycling on and off? If so, its small basin could be struggling to handle the large water volume in your basement. 

Regularly overworking your sump pump can burn out its motor. You can prevent this problem by investing in a deeper basin to ensure your pump only turns on when it should. 

Replacing your small basin with a larger one is more cost-effective than purchasing a new sump pump every few years. 

Strange Noises

If your sump pump produces unusual noises, this often indicates worn or damaged components. The culprit could be a faulty bearing if the motor makes excessive noise. Grinding or rattling sounds usually indicate a damaged or jammed impeller–the fan that pulls water into the sump pump. 

Failure to Turn On 

If your sump pump does not turn on when it should, the float switch could be stuck or broken. Switches hanging along the pump’s side tend to get stuck. On the other hand, vertical float switches with fragile plastic brackets are prone to breaking. 

If the problem persists after freeing the switch, it is time to replace your sump pump. 

Excessive Vibration

If your sump pump vibrates excessively, this may indicate a bent or damaged impeller.

A bent or damaged impeller causes the entire pump to wobble, creating stress on the shaft and leading to more severe problems down the road. It is almost impossible to re-bend an impeller effectively, so you’re better off replacing your sump pump. 

A Water Damage Restoration Company Serving New York

Now that you know common signs your sump pump is failing, it is best to contact a professional if yours has issues. If you have suffered water damage due to a failed sump pump or leaky water heater, First Call Restoration can help. 

Regardless of the cause of the damage, our expert team can restore your property. Call First Call Restoration today at 845-418-8990 for all your water damage needs!

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