how to hire a water damage company

How To Hire A Water Damage Company

Water can damage your house or property in the blink of an eye, and the resulting damage can be serious, whether caused by natural catastrophes, fire suppression, or plumbing accidents. The devastation caused by leaks and flooding can vary from structural damage to the electrical and plumbing systems of your house to the unrestrained growth of deadly mildew. That is why it is critical to act fast and retain the services of a professional water damage company like First Call Restoration to manage all parts of the repair.


What Services Does a Water Damage Company Provide?

Water damage restoration companies manage the aftermath of water emergencies such as floods and leaks, offering cleanup services, evaluating your house and business for damage, and ensuring that repairs are performed safely and properly. Although each case is different, water restoration companies may be able to help with the following water-related issues:


  • Flood cleaning, which includes expert water extraction, may limit damage by swiftly removing up to several thousand gallons of water from your house.
  • Mold detection, treatment, and removal to reduce associated health and safety concerns.
  • Cleanup of sewage, including antimicrobial and other disinfection treatments.
  • Removal of contaminated furniture and other items.
  • Carpet and wood floor drying or removal, depending on the severity of the damage.
  • Drying of content and documents, which can save critical papers and sentimental objects like pictures and letters.
  • Repairs such as roofing, dry walling, and electrical wiring are carried out or overseen.


What Are the Categories of Water Damage?

The type of labor required to restore your house and property is generally determined by the sort of water damage you had. Water damage may be classified into three kinds, according to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC):


  • Category 1 — Clean Water Damage: This is the mildest form of harm. It might involve problems with appliances, overflowing sinks, and damaged pipes and water supply lines.
  • Category 2 — Gray Water Damage: Water from toilets, sump pump backups, and washing machines are common sources of gray water damage, which can be dangerous to humans and pets. Disinfecting therapies are commonly used during restoration.
  • Category 3 — Black Water Damage: The most severe kind of damage is classified as Category 3 and can pose serious health concerns. Sewage, increasing flood levels, or sea or river water may all be involved. Cleaning generally entails the removal of home objects as well as extensive disinfection.


What Qualities Should I Consider in a Water Damage Company?

Although some restoration companies just deal with water damage, others may deal with a variety of house and property damage, including fire, water, and mold. You may wish to talk with a business that is competent in the relevant areas, depending on your unique circumstances.

When looking for and hiring a competent company to restore your property after water damage, consider the following factors:


  1. Credentials: You should hire a water damage company that has the following industry credentials:
  2. IICRC certification: which demonstrates understanding of ideas, terminology, and processes used in the restoration business.
  3. EPA Lead-Safe certification: It mandates that contractors employ trained, EPA-approved renovators and follow lead-safe work procedures when working in structures where lead-based paint has been disturbed.
  4. Bonding: This provides financial protection against additional property loss or damage caused by the company’s activities.
  5. Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL) insurance: which protects against property damage, personal harm, cleaning, and defense costs resulting from pollution caused by a contractor’s conduct.
  6. Responsiveness: Because water damage frequently necessitates quick cleanup to prevent more damage, timeliness is critical, and many companies provide 24-hour service. You should hire a company that can arrive quickly and start cleaning and repairing the damage as soon as possible.
  7. Transparency: Throughout the cleansing and restoration process, the company should provide knowledgeable and honest answers to any queries. The contractor should gladly offer their license, certificates, evidence of insurance, and references upon your request, and they should be able to properly explain the circumstances underlying any unfavorable reviews you’ve uncovered.


Understand How a Water Damage Company Will Affect Your Life

Work may begin once the firm has assessed the damage and established the extent of the project, and you have signed off on the quote. Property owners could expect the restoration to take many stages, which might take a few days or several weeks:


  1. Temporary protection: Water restoration businesses may offer interim protective measures such as tarps and board-ups to safeguard against continued water intrusion, particularly following a natural catastrophe such as a storm or flood. If the damage is significant and threatens the structural integrity of your house, or if it affects your kitchen and/or bathroom(s), you may need to relocate temporarily. Some homeowner’s insurance plans reimburse the costs of temporary relocation.
  2. Water removal: Water may stay on your property after a flood or fire. Water damage company can collect hundreds of gallons of water using industrial pumps and vacuum equipment. This shortens the drying period, lowers the likelihood of mold formation, and prevents further water damage.
  3. Drying and dehumidification: A water damage company can find water in difficult-to-access locations and moisture retained by building components by using specialist moisture meters. Moisture can then be reduced to appropriate levels using venting methods, air movers, and industrial humidifiers.
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing: A water damage company can carry out or supervise the cleaning and sanitization of your house and possessions. Disinfectant treatments and deodorization may be required to remove any related smells. Belongings may be totally removed in the case of black water damage.
  5. Repairs and restoration: Repair and restoration services might include everything from repairing drywall and carpeting to exterior rebuilding and foundation repairs. You can usually return to your house once major repairs have been completed and the building has been judged to be safe for habitation.
  6. Preventative treatments: A water damage company may also use procedures to avoid future issues like bug infestations or mold growth.


First, File a Claim With Your Home or Renter’s Insurance Company

Regrettably, not everyone has insurance that covers water damage restoration services; however, if your homeowners’ or renters’ policy covers some or all of the repair costs, employing a water damage company can help significantly increase that benefit while also ensuring the quality of the restoration work.


While the mechanics of making a claim may differ from one provider to the next, there are a few procedures you should follow to ensure your claim has the highest chance of being granted.


  • Document the damage, when water damage happens, it is critical to document it as soon as possible using time-stamped pictures and videos, as well as written declarations that include all pertinent facts.
  • Create a complete list of damaged items to be submitted with your claim.
  • Gather receipts for any emergency repairs and restoration services that have already been paid for.
  • Notify your insurance agent to start the filing process. They will almost certainly dispatch an inspector to assess the amount of the damage and establish a suitable coverage threshold.


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