Insured's Bill of Rights! - Are you aware of your rights? This article provides you with the top 10 insured's rights that you need to be aware of! If you have questions, please call First Call Restoration, (845) 442-6714!

Insured’s Bill of Rights!


A realtor gave us a water damage referral. Client called my team right away, as they do most times. When she called her Insurance Company they told us we couldn’t do the work because they have a vendor program–Contractors who work cheap so as to get more work from said Insurance Company. I got on the phone and reminded the person they were steering the work which is illegal. I also told them they are interfering with our contract which is tortious interference. I then called a friend in the Attorney Generals Office and another in the Department of Financial Services, both who have helped us numerous times. I also called my attorney who specializes in going after Insurance Companies who do this unlawful act, among other law breaking practices on their end. Denial of rightful terms, lying to client, etc. Lo and behold, we did the job anyway since we work for the homeowner, NOT the Insurance Company. No arm twisting was needed after speaking to these agencies and was told by the same person “Our Check will be promptly processed.” You, the homeowner, decides who works in your home, a company looking to save money, or a company that will get you back to pre loss condition. Don’t let these people determine who works in your home. Know your rights! (Mike Hogan, Founder, First Call Restoration)


Are you aware of your rights?

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It is important for you, the insured, to understand your rights. Listed below are the top 10 insured’s bill of rights. If you would like a copy, please download from here!


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Know Your Rights!


  1. You may take and be Fully compensated for the cost of emergency steps to safeguard your property from further damage after a loss. In fact you have an obligation to do so under the terms of your policy. The insurance company may not be liable for additional expenses if you fail to provide such protection.
  2. If you have secured adequate coverage, you are entitled to be paid for the fair cost of fully restoring your home to it’s pre-damaged condition. You are, however, not insured for the repair of unrelated problems such as code deficiencies and/or prior damage.
  3. You are entitled to employ and should insist upon a fully licensed and insured repair firm of good reputation. If you choose not to employ such a firm, the consequences and liability for any injury, damage or other actions will rest with you.
  4. You are entitled to employ a firm with sufficient experience and stability in the community to stand behind its work and warranty responsibilities. The repair contract and its execution is strictly between you and the contractor. Your insurance company does not warrant or guarantee the performance of any firm you hire.
  5. You are entitled to materials and workmanship fully equivalent to your existing installation in “like kind and quality”. The insurance company has no obligation to improve your existing installation.
  6. You are NOT required to accept the lowest bidder. Nowhere in your policy do the words “cheapest”, “low”, or “lowest price” occur. Repair rates should correspond to prevailing standards in your area for work of good quality.
  7. You are entitled to receive a detailed listing of the scope or repairs and quantities of materials to be provided, before work begins. Provisions for hidden or latent problems relating to the damage should be spelled out in as much detail as possible.
  8. You are entitled to and should reject any contractor that does not incorporate all federal, state and local requirements for residential construction work. You must be familiar with these requirements in order to enjoy the protection the law provides. Contact a Professional Restoration Contractor for this important information.
  9. You are entitled to select a firm who can demonstrate skill and experience in insurance damage repair as a full time professional service. Ask for references, credentials, and association memberships that indicate professional training and status in insurance repair, as contrasted with ordinary home improvement work.
  10. If substantial disagreement arises between you and the insurance company over the amount of the loss, you are entitled to request arbitration (appraisal) as described under the terms of the policy lines 123-140 of the Standard Homeowners Form which spells out the procedures for the settling differences without resorting to a lawsuit. The insurance company is also entitled to this provision, which may be invoked at any time prior to settlement, regardless of whether or not you have received advanced payment.

Got Insurance Restoration Questions?


Got Insurance Restoration Questions?

Questions? Need help? First Call Restoration are experts. We are a full service restoration company that works with ALL insurance companies. For peace of mind, Call (845) 442-6714 or send us an e-mail. The team at First Call Restoration looks forward to serving you!</h4c


Experts at insurance restoration services, including water damage and fire damage
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(845) 442-6714

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