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Spring Home Maintenance Tips From First Call Restoration

First Call Restoration Shares Home Maintenance Tips

When people think of spring cleaning, they generally think of wiping down surfaces, clearing out the old junk that no longer sparks joy, and generally making everything look better to welcome in the nicer weather. However, before you start doing that, it helps to ensure your home is properly maintained. Here are some tips to help spring clean for home maintenance. 

    1. Clear the Gutters 

One of the most important jobs you can do is clear your gutters. This improves water flow around your home and reduces the risk of mold and condensation developing around the home.

     2. Fix Cracks 

Just as blocked gutters can cause damage, this is also applicable to any cracks in areas such as foundations, walkways, or patios. These should be filled in so that water does not get back to the house or you could end up paying for more repair bills in the long term.

    3. Clear Wood and Junk From Your Yard 

During the winter, having a pile of wood to hand can be useful when you need something to keep you warm during the cold. When it’s springtime, this pile needs to be stored inside, as the woodpile could potentially attract insects. The same is true of any accumulated junk, removing this will take away a breeding ground that could increase the number of bugs you get in the summertime.

    4.  Get Your Appliances Professionally Inspected 

A professional inspection can be useful in many ways. For instance, they can check to see if your air conditioning unit is damaged. A repair will prolong the life of the unit and make it work more efficiently. The same is true for other items such as faucets, lighting, or gas barbecues. Most importantly, they can check that these items are safe to use, especially if they have not been used much during the wintertime.

    5. Check the Roof 

A cold winter can really impact a roof, especially during periods of heavy rainfall and snow. If you can, check the roof to see whether all the shingles are still in place, or get a professional contractor to do this for you. Replacing cracked or missing tiles promptly is a lot more affordable than having to replace a whole roof down the line. It is also worth checking your roof after a very hot summer as this can also potentially cause shingle damage.

    6. Inspect Your Equipment 

Before you start mowing the lawn, check that the blades are sharp and that your equipment is in reasonable working condition. 

    7. Get Help 

The best way to ensure the best quality home maintenance during the spring (or indeed any time) is to use the services of professional contractors. This will allow you to check that everything is in the best working condition and address any issues before they become more costly to repair. With the right approach, you can get your home ready for spring.

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