emergency restoration in Poughkeepsie NY

Common Types of Emergency Restoration in Poughkeepsie, NY

emergency restoration in Poughkeepsie NY

When a person thinks of Poughkeepsie, they picture a bustling college town on the banks of the Hudson River. It is rich in historic architecture, but it also keeps up with the latest trends in fashion and dining with its boutiques and restaurants. However, the town has seen many devastating events since it was established back in the 17th century by Dutch colonialists.  

Not only do homeowners in the area have to worry about frigid winter temperatures, but they also must be prepared to handle the remnants of hurricanes and tropical storms that make their way up the coast from the south. Not to mention, the average homeowner must also worry about fires, plumbing leaks, and more.

For all of those reasons, emergency restoration in Poughkeepsie, NY is quite common. In fact, there are several companies in the area that offer specialized services for the following situations. 


Water Damage

Of course, old homes in the area as prone to plumbing problems that can cause water damage, but even the newer homes aren’t out of the woods. When the winter temperatures in the area drop below freezing, they can reach temperatures that cause frozen pipes. In worst-case scenarios, these pipes can burst and cause a massive flood of water into the home. Even if it is not quite as dramatic, it could cause leaks that lead to some kind of water damage.

When water damage occurs, homeowners need to act fast to prevent any secondary issues like mold and rot. Therefore, emergency restoration in Poughkeepsie, NY is incredibly important when dealing with any type of water damage.


Flood Damage

Since Poughkeepsie sits right on the banks of the Hudson River, some of the homes in the more low-lying areas are extremely susceptible to flooding from the rising river. This is especially an issue in times of heavy, consistent rain. However, floods can also occur when there are sewage backups or other problems related to one specific home.

Regardless of the cause of the flood, it’s crucial that homeowners turn to a company that offers 24/7 emergency restoration services. A team of trained professionals can work quickly and efficiently to get the property back to its pre-loss condition right away.


Storm Damage

Though one might not think of hurricanes having an impact in Poughkeepsie, it is actually quite common for the remnants of tropical storms and hurricanes to leave homes damaged. Not only do they cause heavy rain, but they can also bring strong winds that can damage a home. Storms can cause tree limbs to call on roofs, they can lead to hail damage, or they could even impact windows and doors—leaving the home susceptible to the elements. 

Whether the storm was a lingering system from a major hurricane or not, homeowners shouldn’t attempt to handle the cleanup on their own. It can be incredibly dangerous, especially if there are electrical hazards. Therefore, homeowners should request emergency restoration services from a local team of contractors. 


Fire Damage

While homes in Poughkeepsie aren’t more likely to suffer from fire damage than other areas, it still is an emergency situation that can occur. Fires can range from total losses to more minimal structural damage, but even small fires can cause smoke and soot damage as well.  

When emergencies like this occur, homeowners often feel high levels of stress and can’t mentally take on the challenge of restoring their property. That’s where an emergency restoration company comes in to save the day. They can take care of the entire restoration, from the insurance claim to the reconstruction.  


Mold Remediation

Finally, a home in Poughkeepsie might have excess moisture, especially if it has a damp basement. Eventually, this moisture can lead to mold growth. Though that might not seem like an emergency, some mold varieties are incredibly dangerous to human and animal health.

For that reason, it’s always best to hire a team of professionals to address the issue right away. Luckily, many of the best companies offering emergency restoration in Poughkeepsie, NY can also help with mold remediation.  


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