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Toilet Overflow Water Damage Job in Highland, New York

One of the challenges of owning an apartment complex is dealing with things that are beyond the manager’s control. Unfortunately, when there are many people living in a space, damage can occur either accidentally or intentionally, and with other units and spaces being so close together, the damage can quickly spread throughout the complex. 

Water damage is especially common in apartment buildings because one unit can lead to flooding in another. The flooding could be caused by something as simple as a pipe burst or an overflow from a forgotten running bath. In either case, the extent of damage can be severe as it spreads to the units around and below it.

Though these kinds of jobs are larger and more complex than the average residential water damage restoration, commercial properties aren’t left to deal with the mess on their own. Instead, property managers should contact companies like First Call Restoration at the first sign of a problem. This case study is just one example of how their contractors can help with water damage in a high-end apartment complex.


How the Water Damage Occurred in the Apartment Complex

A luxury apartment complex in Highland, New York recently contacted First Call Restoration about water damage that they had discovered in their building. The damage itself originated in a unit situated above the building’s theater/common room area. The toilet in the apartment unit had overflowed and flooded the floor with a lot of water. 

As the water worked its way down, it started to impact the ceiling of the theater room. It eventually leaked from there and started to cause water damage to the carpeting below it. Fortunately, the theater room did not contain a lot of furniture, so the content damage was minimal. Instead, the property managers asked First Call Restoration to focus on restoring the damage to the ceiling and carpet. 

First Call Restoration’s Assessment of the Damage

As with any restoration project, First Call Restoration began to address the toilet overflow water damage by inspecting the affected area. The professionals always come equipped with the tools they need to check for signs of hidden water damage in a variety of materials. In fact, their moisture meters allow them to see just how much water was absorbed by drywall, carpets, insulation, and more. 

The contractors tested several areas of the theater and commons rooms. Not only did they check the entire ceiling, but they also checked the walls, flooring, and other surrounding spaces to get a solid idea of how far the water had spread throughout the building. Their thorough assessment allowed them to mitigate any secondary damage, such as rot or mold growth.

The Plan for Restoring the Theater/Common Room

After assessing the toilet overflow water damage, the professionals used their knowledge and experience to create a custom plan of attack. For this particular restoration, they focused on the following:

  • Cleanup
  • Drying
  • Reconstructing

Cleaning the Water 

First Call Restoration started by cleaning up the space. The ceiling had a large bubble in the drywall, so the contractors had to release the water to start wiping it up. They also had to remove the damaged portion of the drywall. From there, they worked to remove as much of the excess water as possible. Wet/dry vacuums helped to remove a majority of the water from the carpet so that they could salvage the flooring.

Drying Excess Moisture

For the next step in the process of restoring the toilet overflow water damage, the contractors focused on drying. They used dehumidifiers and air movers to make sure that the space was well-ventilated. They allowed the system to operate until their moisture meters indicated that all of the moisture had been removed from the air and remaining building materials.

Reconstruction of Damaged Materials

Finally, First Call Restoration had to return the property to its pre-loss condition. To achieve this, they installed new drywall and replaced any other insulation or building materials that had to be removed. They finished off by making sure that everything was painted and matched the level of finish throughout the rest of the luxury apartment building.  

Find out More About Restoring Toilet Overflow Water Damage in Apartments

Commercial property owners in Highland, NY can always count on the experts of First Call Restoration when they have a toilet overflow water damage, or any other issue. Their team of licensed and skilled professionals is available 24/7, so customers can reach them anytime a disaster occurs.

To schedule an assessment, home or business owners should call First Call Restoration at (845) 442-6714. The company also offers a convenient online contact form for any restoration jobs.

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