fire damage before and after in Hudson Valley

Soaring from Soot to Fresh Start for Homeowners in Hudson Valley, NY

At First Call Restoration LLC, we understand the impact a fire can bring to a home and its occupants. Recently, we had the chance to help a family with fire damage restoration in Hudson Valley, NY, area who experienced a fire caused by a faulty electric reclining couch. The fire started at 1 am, waking up the family to the loud smoke alarms and the strong smell of smoke filling their home.

Turning Fire Damage Consequences from Black to White

As we delved into the restoration process, our primary goal was to transform the consequences of fire damage, while restoring not only the physical structure but also the sense of security and comfort within our client’s home.


  • Assessment and Documentation: When we arrived at the fire-damaged home in Hudson Valley, NY, our team thoroughly assessed the damage. We documented every affected area, including walls, insulation, furniture, and personal belongings, for insurance purposes.

  • Gut Job Initiation: Recognizing the severity of the fire, we determined that a full gut job was necessary to ensure thorough restoration. Our team moved on to remove all non-structural elements of the home, disposing of contaminated materials responsibly.

  • Soot Cleanup: Using advanced equipment and techniques, our fire restoration technicians tackled the challenging task of cleaning up soot. Every surface was treated with specialized solutions and cleaners to eliminate traces of smoke.

  • Odor Sealing: After soot cleanup, our team focused on sealing lingering odors. Using advanced techniques, we made sure that every surface was treated to restore a sense of freshness to the home.

  • Antimicrobial Spraying: After odor sealing, we included an antimicrobial spraying step. This involved applying specialized solutions to surfaces to eliminate any remaining microbes or bacteria, ensuring a thoroughly sanitized environment.

  • Final Inspection and Completion: As the restoration neared completion, we performed a final inspection to ensure every aspect met our high standards of quality. With the reconstruction phase underway, the family could finally envision a fresh start in their restored home.

Client Gained Their Hope After Our Work

At First Call Restoration LLC, we take pride in helping families overcome the challenges of fire damage and start a journey towards recovery. We provided regular updates to the homeowners, making sure they were informed of each step of the way. Our team also maintained open communication with their insurance company. Besides that, coordination with the company responsible for the faulty electric reclining couch was also important to tackle potential future hazards.

Contact First Call Restoration LLC for Your Fire Damage Concerns

If you’re facing the post-fire consequences in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to First Call Restoration LLC. Our experienced team is here to provide detailed fire damage restoration services, from initial assessment to final reconstruction. We’ll work hard to restore your home and bring peace of mind to you and your family. Trust First Call Restoration LLC to guide you through the restoration process. Give us a call at (845) 442-6714 or send us a message through our online form.

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