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Mold Removal Job in Wallkill, NY

Mold Removal Job

Mold growth is nothing to mess around with. It can cause serious health concerns, and it can also cause stains and permanent damage to the affected areas. For those reasons and many more, homeowners should never attempt to remove the mold on their own. 

Instead, they need to find a company that has the safety equipment, knowledge, and resources to get the job done right. Fortunately, it’s easy to find a team of reliable professionals for mold removal in Wallkill, NY. First Call Restoration has been serving the area with comprehensive mold removal solutions since 2006. 

On one of their most recent mold removal jobs, they had the opportunity to showcase their proven process for handling mold growth. The following case study details the problem their client faced and the solution that First Call Restoration carried out to restore the home.

Mold Growth: The Problem

When First Call Restoration received a call for mold removal in Wallkill, NY, they learned that the problem was severe. The residents reported smelling an odor coming from downstairs. The wet basement seemed to be the most obvious culprit, as it visibly had water coming in. The mold that First Call Restoration spotted was from years and years ago, and it had spread throughout the whole basement area.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing discoveries was the amount of black mold. The assessment came back showing that there were counts in the millions for black mold species, which is one of the most harmful types of mold. The residents in the home were elderly, so it made the situation all the more serious. The customer reported that they had family members getting sick from time to time, and it was believed to be caused by mold.

First Call Restoration’s Solution

As an experienced mold removal company, First Call Restoration knew how important it was to act fast without compromising effectiveness. Their proven processes are efficient and yield exceptional results because they are all customized to meet the unique needs of each circumstance. For this particular project, they developed a plan to get the home back to a safe condition by:

  • Gutting the Whole Downstairs
  • Using a HEPA Vacuum
  • Spraying a Disinfectant

Gutting the Basement

It was obvious that, with the extent of damage the home had suffered, the entire basement area would have to be gutted. The First Call Restoration team arrived on the scene with the proper protective equipment and set to work. 

They started by removing all of the drywall from the walls and ceilings. They took it down piece by piece and removed it from the home. They followed that step by removing all of the insulation in the walls. They also gutted out the center block. 

The basement had a concrete floor, so they didn’t have to worry about removing any flooring materials. It also made the cleanup easier as they worked to remove any of the debris from the gutting process. 

Using HEPA Vacuum

Next, First Call Restoration brought in their commercial-grade HEPA vacuums. These tools are essential for removing mold spores because they use a high-efficiency disposable filter. It also can capture 99.97% of dust mites, pollen, and other allergens. The HEPA vacuums were used throughout the entire basement area, but they especially focused on the walls, ceilings, and floors.  

The process was repeated again after the disinfectant step. It was combined with air scrubbers to ensure that all mold spores and potential contaminants were removed from the basement. This step is crucial in mitigating further mold growth in the future.  

Spraying Disinfectant

The professional mold removal contractors also used a spray fog to disinfect the space. While there are different types of disinfecting solutions, First Call Restoration was sure to use a product that was safe for both people and pets. This step was essential in killing off any of the remaining mold spores that may have been missed by the HEPA vacuum. 

The Results of First Call Restoration’s Mold Removal in Wallkill, NY

By the time First Call Restoration had wrapped up the mold removal in Wallkill, NY, the house was clean and safe again. Most importantly, the customer was extremely happy with the results, especially since they had family members who struggled with their health amid the mold infestation. 

If you are interested in learning more about how First Call Restoration can help you remove mold from your family’s home, you shouldn’t hesitate to call. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can contact us at any time. If you have less urgent matters, you can always submit our online form to request a free quote for their services. 

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