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Mold Mitigation Job in the Hudson Valley

Water damage is one of the most common and destructive events that can occur in a house. When treated right away, a severe loss can be mitigated, but if it goes untreated for days, weeks, or months, the damage can grow exponentially. 

In fact, every hour that goes by increases the risk for secondary water damage, which is a loss that occurs to contents and structural items that have been exposed to high internal humidity levels. Examples of secondary water damage can include wood rot or mold growth. The worst part is that mold can surface in as little as 24 hours following a water damage event.

In order to restore a house with severe mold growth from water damage, homeowners should contact a professional restoration crew. First Call Restoration is one of the most experienced mold mitigation Hudson Valley, NY companies, and this case study is just one example of the work they can do to restore homes with major mold problems. 

The Source of the Mold Growth  

A bank foreclosed on a home in Hudson Valley, NY. Unfortunately, when it was vacated, it had a water leak that went unchecked. The bank boarded up the property and left it to sit for an extended period of time, so the water damage only worsened. By the time anyone entered the home, the water damage had caused major mold growth throughout the entire property.

Not only was there visible mold growth on the walls and door jams, but there was also a lot of hidden mold growth in different nooks and crannies. The worst of the mold was in the basement area, which is where the water damage was believed to have started.

However, it was also found in other areas of the home where water damage hadn’t occurred. This mold growth usually comes from high humidity levels. In some cases, hidden water damage can cause humidity levels to rise so high that it accumulates on the ceiling and drips off like rain! As a result, the water damage and mold growth only worsen.

Professional Inspection by First Call Restoration

As soon as the mold growth was spotted, First Call Restoration was contacted for their proven mold mitigation solutions. When their highly trained mold mitigation professionals arrived on the scene, they immediately donned the proper protective equipment needed to enter the mold-infested house.

They used their moisture meters and other tools to inspect and assess the entire property. The contractors were able to determine that the initial cause of the water damage was a leak that went unchecked. They also found the location of the leak was in the basement where the water damage was the worst. The floors in the basement had sat wet for so long that they completely disintegrated, and mold had taken over the whole space.

Customized Mold Mitigation Plan

Though the mold growth in the Hudson Valley home was severe, First Call Restoration has handled worse. Therefore, they were equipped to come up with an effective mold mitigation plan so that they could restore the property to safe and livable condition. The mitigation efforts included:

  • Removing Damaged Materials
  • Disinfecting & Sanitizing
  • Drying & Dehumidifying

Demolition of Damaged Materials

The contractors started the project by removing most of the materials in the home. They made sure to wear respirators and other protective equipment to protect themselves while they worked to eliminate most of the mold growth.  They had to completely remove walls, ceilings, and floors that had been overcome with mold spores. Nearly everything in the house needed to be replaced.

Disinfecting Surfaces with Mold Spores

The materials that were able to be salvaged still needed to be cleaned and disinfected. They also used air filters to clean as much of the air as possible. Taking the time to clean that house would ensure that the mold spores would not regenerate somewhere else in the home after it was repaired.

Thorough Drying to Prevent Future Mold Growth

The contractors also worked to make sure that the house was as dry as possible. Since it sat so long, the humidity levels rose to incredibly high levels. They worked to extract as much of the excess moisture as possible. They also addressed the source of the initial water damage to ensure that it wouldn’t continue to cause problems in the home. 

Find out More About Mold Mitigation Services in the Hudson Valley

Homeowners in the Hudson Valley can trust that First Call Restoration is experienced and equipped to handle any mold mitigation jobs. They can call to request 24/7 emergency services, or they can submit the company’s online form to request a free quote for their mitigation. 

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