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Flood Cleanup in the Hudson Valley

Water damage can come from a variety of sources. While sometimes it’s a minor leak in a bathroom, other times it can be severe flooding that affects an entire region. When severe storms lead to flooding, homeowners should never attempt to handle the cleanup on their own. Instead, they need to hire a trusted local contractor with proven experience in water damage restoration and flood cleanup.

Fortunately, home and business owners in the Hudson Valley didn’t have to look far to find a dedicated team they could trust when a storm devastated the area. First Call Restoration was ready and available to help as many residents as they could when a storm left countless homes and businesses underwater. In fact, this case study highlights how well the company has trained and prepared its restoration crews for massive jobs like this.

The Severe Storm System that Caused the Flooding

In July, the Hudson Valley experienced a storm system with heavy rains that quickly led to flash flooding across the region. Vehicles were left stranded, and homes took on several feet of water. There were even reports that a home had been swept away in a stream. Officials were quick to label the storm and flooding as life-threatening, and several emergency responders were dispatched to help locate missing individuals. 

The waters rose so quickly that it gave many people little time to act. In fact, the customer in this case study reported that it only took one hour for their basement apartment to fill up with five feet of flood water. Fortunately, everyone was safe and uninjured, but the apartment would require major work to complete the flood cleanup. For that reason, they contacted First Call Restoration immediately, a reliable flood cleanup company in Hudson Valley.

First Call Restoration’s Emergency Response  

When community-wide events like this occur, it presents unique challenges to restoration companies like First Call Restoration. While they would normally have plenty of crews to work on a standard water leak, they can be stretched thin when responding to multiple homes and businesses impacted by the same storm. 

Fortunately, they were still able to dispatch a crew to the Hudson Valley home so that they could start the inspection process right away. The crews were very dedicated to doing things right from the assessment and documentation to the actual cleanup. 

The Flood Cleanup Plan by First Call Restoration

First Call Restoration received a number of calls, so they knew they would have to split up their crews in order to help as many people as possible. For this particular job, they put one of their newest technicians in charge, but they had a lot of confidence in their training program and his skill, so they trusted him to oversee the entire plan including: 

  • Water Extraction
  • Drying & Dehumidification
  • Content Cleaning
  • Reconstruction

Water Extraction

Since the water level had risen so high in the basement, the contractors knew that they would have to start by extracting a large amount of water. Fortunately, they have access to all of the training and tools to effectively remove thousands of gallons of water. Their pumps allowed them to remove a bulk of the standing water so that they could safely access the home and start the rest of the cleanup of debris.

Drying & Dehumidification

Though this was a large-scale job, the new technician was able to set up a combination of drying equipment to work on removing any remaining moisture. Not only did this step help to salvage some materials, but it was also critical in preventing mold growth while the crews worked to complete the flood cleanup

Content Cleaning

One of the biggest challenges of managing this project was the number of contents that were affected. Since the basement was used as an apartment, there was a lot of furniture, clothing, and other items that would need to be removed and cleaned or discarded. The new technician was able to efficiently sort and pack out all of the contents.


Finally, First Call Restoration helped the homeowner restore the apartment to its pre-loss condition by replacing any materials that weren’t able to be salvaged. They worked hard to do any repairs or reconstruction so that the homeowner could return to normal life as quickly as possible. 

Find out More About First Call Response and Their Emergency Flood Cleanup Services

To learn more about First Call Restoration’s flood cleanup services or their emergency response, contact the professionals right away. They are happy to provide more information on their training, tools, and experience, so customers should call to ask any questions. To request their emergency services, call them any time of day or night to request a flood cleanup or fill out their online contact form

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