Broken Pipe Water Damage

Broken Pipe Water Damage Cleanup in Wallkill NY

Water Damage Cleanup in Wallkill NY

Broken Pipe Water Damage can strike when it’s least expected. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a slow leak, but other times, it could be something as destructive as a broken pipe. When a pipe breaks, a home can flood quickly, and the damage can spread throughout the entire property. In worst-case scenarios, a pipe can break when no one is home, and the water damage can get out of hand before anyone has a chance to stop it.

When incidents like this happen, it’s important to have a professional water damage cleanup crew come to restore the house. However, many homeowners don’t know where to turn when a pipe breaks. It’s important to find a company that has proven experience with extensive water damage. 

Fortunately, First Call Restoration makes this step easier by providing relevant examples of their water damage cleanup experience. The following case study shows exactly how their professionals are equipped to handle the aftermath of a broken pipe.

How The Broken Pipe Cause So Much Damage 

First Call Restoration was contacted by a Wallkill homeowner about water damage that was caused by a broken pipe. Though the pipe was located in the upstairs bathroom, the damage wasn’t contained to that level. Unfortunately, it had spread well throughout the home and affected three levels. 

When First Call Restoration arrived on the scene, they were able to thoroughly assess the water damage by inspecting the entire home. They walked through all of the different levels, examined the broken pipe, and took measurements of moisture levels to see how deeply the home was impacted. Based on their findings, they were able to present a water damage restoration plan to the homeowner. The process included: 

  • Extracting Water
  • Drying the Home
  • Removing Affected Materials

First Call Restoration’s Water Damage Cleanup Plan

As a full-service water damage restoration company, First Call Restoration had all of the training and tools to tackle this project head-on. From providing a free estimate to picking up any construction debris left behind, they do it all. Keep reading to learn more about how they were able to successfully restore the house after the broken pipe water damage. 

Extract Any Remaining Standing Water

Before they could begin to do anything, all of the water had to be removed from the house. The broken pipe water damage impacted three different levels, so the process was extensive. Fortunately, First Call Restoration has access to industrial pumps and wet/dry vacuums that can safely and efficiently eliminate any water. 

Thoroughly Dry and Dehumidify the Affected Area

The process of drying the home was time-consuming because it was so cold outside. The home had no heat, so the temperature was down to 39 degrees. While this inhibits mold growth, it also makes it hard to dry the house. 

Not all hope was lost, however. First Call Restoration was able to use their Dragon Indirect Fired Heater to raise the temperature of the house. In just 30 hours, the heater took the home from 39 degrees to 113 degrees. The heater itself remained outside of the home, so only ducting and the thermostat had to be brought into the house. 

The restoration professionals also deployed air movers, Phoenix 200 Hi-Temp LGR dehumidifiers, and a second Dragon for the second floor. These tools were useful in moving the warm air throughout the entire house, so it could be thoroughly dried in 5 days. 

Remove Damaged Building Materials

Unfortunately, the water had soaked through much of the home, so walls, ceilings, and floors were all impacted. In fact, the restoration crews had to take nearly all three levels down to the framing. They were, however, able to salvage the wooden floors in both the living room and den. All of the damaged materials were removed and properly disposed of by the restoration technicians.

Results of the Professional Water Damage Cleanup in Wallkill, NY 

At the end of the project, First Call Restoration was able to successfully restore the home, and the homeowners were happy to move back in. The efforts of the water damage restoration crews helped the project go smoothly and efficiently, and other customers can expect the same level of service whenever they have broken pipe water damage in their homes.

If you would like to learn more about how this experienced group of water damage specialists can help with your residential or commercial restoration project, you shouldn’t hesitate to call. They are available for 24/7 emergency services, so pick up the phone and dial (845) 443-6714. You can also contact the professionals by submitting your information through a simple online contact form

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