ceiling water damage case study

Addressing Ceiling Leak Issues In an Arlington, NY Home

Job Type: Water Damage Restoration

Client: Apartment Unit

Location: Arlington, NY

Rooms Affected: Bathroom and Hallway Closet

Project Overview

At First Call Restoration, we recently undertook a challenging water damage restoration Arlington, NY project. Our client faced a sudden and unexpected water emergency when a pipe burst in the ceiling of their apartment unit. The incident caused water to seep into the bathroom and hallway closet, affecting the ceiling, drywall, insulation, and floorboards.

The Challenge

Upon receiving the distress call from our client, our team quickly mobilized to assess the extent of the damage. The primary concern was not only to address the visible signs of water damage but also to prevent any potential long-term issues such as mold growth.

Our Approach

When facing a water damage emergency, our approach at First Call Restoration is founded on precision, efficiency, and a commitment to restoring your living space to its pre-damage condition. Our certified technicians employ a strategic process that begins with a meticulous on-site inspection, ensuring no detail is overlooked. From there, we seamlessly navigate through the following steps.

  • On-site Inspection

Our certified technicians conducted a meticulous on-site inspection, leaving no corner unchecked. We employed advanced moisture detection tools to accurately assess the extent of the water damage. This step was crucial in developing a tailored restoration plan and ensuring that every affected area, from the bathroom to the hallway closet, was identified and addressed.

  • Strategic Water Extraction

With the water damage thoroughly assessed, our team swiftly moved to extract standing water and moisture. We employed a combination of high-capacity air movers and dehumidifiers to create optimal drying conditions. This not only prevented further structural damage but also laid the foundation for an efficient restoration process.

  • Selective Demolition

Recognizing that not all materials could be salvaged, our technicians performed selective demolition. Carefully removing damaged ceiling sections, wet drywall, and compromised insulation, we ensured that only the necessary elements were taken out. This approach minimizes disruption while creating a clean slate for the restoration phase.

  • Moisture Detection

Water has a sneaky way of finding hidden spaces. Our technicians used state-of-the-art moisture detection tools to identify any residual pockets of moisture. By addressing these hidden areas, we mitigated the risk of lingering dampness that could lead to mold growth, ensuring a thorough and lasting restoration.

  • Drying and Dehumidification

Once the damaged materials were removed, we used industrial-grade air movers strategically to promote efficient drying. At the same time, dehumidifiers were strategically placed to extract excess moisture from the air. This dual-action approach accelerated the drying process, preventing further damage and setting the stage for the subsequent restoration steps.

  • Antimicrobial Treatment

Understanding the importance of preventive measures, we applied a specialized antimicrobial spray. This treatment not only eliminates existing mold spores but also forms a protective barrier against potential future growth. Our commitment to long-term solutions ensures that our clients can confidently return to a living space free from the threat of mold-related issues.

  • Final Inspection and Client Approval

Before concluding the restoration, our team conducted a final inspection to guarantee that every aspect met our strict standards. We then asked for client approval, ensuring their satisfaction with the restoration results. This collaborative approach ensures that the client’s needs are met and provides them with the reassurance they deserve.

The Result

Through our quick and comprehensive approach, we successfully restored the water-damaged areas of the apartment unit. The client was impressed not only with the efficiency of our team but also with our commitment to ensuring the long-term well-being of their living space.

First Call Restoration takes pride in delivering top-notch water damage restoration services. Our experienced team, equipped with cutting-edge technology, is ready to handle emergencies quickly and effectively. Our process begins with a free consultation to assess the damage and determine the best course of action. We then provide you with a detailed estimate of the work that needs to be done. Once you approve the estimate, we will begin work immediately.

If you find yourself facing a water damage crisis caused by a broken pipe, storm damage, or sewage backup, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (845) 442-6714 or fill out the online contact form on our website. We’re here to restore your peace of mind!

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